UFO Dan Aykroyd On Real UFO’s and Men In Black || Best UFO Sighting Compilation Film

UFO Dan Aykroyd On Real UFO’s and Men In Black || Best UFO Sighting Compilation Film.

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41 Comments on "UFO Dan Aykroyd On Real UFO’s and Men In Black || Best UFO Sighting Compilation Film"

  1. John Hutchison is a known fraud. Seriously discredits this video.

  2. They got to him, this is an appeasement fluff piece. They are at least 25 to 50 years ahead of us civvies in capabilities.

  3. The idea of benevolence is a synthetic construct which doesn't exist in nature; it is our idea.

  4. Mr. Aykroyd, please, don't suck on those things, they're bad for you.
    Wacky tobakee is much better!

  5. 24:00 it's mew n mewtwo and dioxes ryquazza


  7. I saw a ufo 25 years ago in the NW10 Area and ever since i can read peoples minds

  8. He finally said it @ 1:09:44 "Their planet" I'm not saying they can't travel through outer space they just not from outer space. Why do you thing there is now wording for outer space why not just call it SPACE proper? I think much of distant history is speaking of where we were during the ice-age… Inner SPACE with a fiery chariot that crosses the sky above once a day. The sun not the SUN is at the center and we go around it… I find it impossible for MAN of old to be so stupid as to think the SUN was at the center of the solar system. It is impossible for multiple people to study anything and be 100% wrong about what they are seeing or feeling to be true. Man kind is incapable of inventing new ideas everything is based on something that was or is real from our past. All that has been written should be looked at being fact in some way trying to tell us the truth about something real. Stories are ways to pass hidden information about real things that are impossible for people in the past to understand even if you explained it. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Are you so thick that you can't see that the internet has been around for thousands of years how else did that bitch get WiFi for her iPAD pro so she could ask Siri if she was the hottest thing in town? You want to believe these a just silly stories that MAN came up with like Land of the Lost with the Sleestaks people. A bit on the nose don't you think hollow earth people? The only difference so not to be threatening they were depicted at being slow and primitive not the builders of UFOs and the level 1+ civilization on the Kardashev scale. How long do you think you would live if you were shielded from cosmic rays inside a Dyson Sphere? I think you would live as long as Adam and Eve did. Once on the surface everyone lives got shorter and shorter due to natural radiation. This is why old people look dried out and radiated. Even if you stay out of the sun all your life the cosmic rays are breaking us down 24/7/365. What is Ethereal Light in ancient times talking about but LED light of today being used like sun to as god not GOD said let there be light and it was good. Wait! Light can't be all good unless it artificial light as you all know. Our god/creator/builders did the best they could in explaining the world and all that is beyond it's protective shell but we were unable unable at the time to understand the truth we call Star Trek today. Find the flaws if any in what I have described here based on all you think to be true in the world.

  9. the base located 80 miles west of Orem Utah within Area 52 IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE.

  10. is it me or does seredas parts seem edited in and another interviewer actually was present with Dan

  11. With all our high definition, high tech cameras we have today, we still don't have a clear picture of a UFO, this fact is more strange to me than a UFO.

  12. Whatever you choose to believe, there is no denying that "strange  things" are happening in our skies and on land.  The topic of missing persons under weird circumstances can be seen in the videos of David Palides "411 The Missing"….and in his series of books.  We can bury our heads in the sand but "something" is going on.

  13. No such thing as ufos in the alien way of looking at ufos most if not all alien looking craft are purpertrated by the gov and their agents .Dan A is nothing but one of the many diss info agents out there .We the people are waking up to the masive amount of lies we have been told , we will possibly be controlled by the means of a false flag alien attack ,hence all the brainwashing space and alien movies documentaries and the like if your asleep still just do 3 things research nasa the moon landings and the biggy flat earth and no im not joking please just look into these subjects thanks.

  14. With the advancements in Phone and normal Camera Lenses. why are 99% of all footage & Stills, blurred & out of focus. same with CCTV footage.

  15. too many commercials are not watching it

  16. He also makes some pretty good vodka.

  17. idiot this is ancient …twat

  18. this is incorrect information.Please just look at Steven Greer Disclosure Project. Please and Thank you

  19. It's man in ufo's not aliens inside all flying objects always has always will be.

  20. You destroyed it with ads you greedy bastard.

  21. How dare anybody personally interpret a UFO's 'intentions' with ZERO evidence apart from images

  22. ads every 5 minutes. are you kidding me you greedy bastard.

  23. i like Einstein, however, with the help of a friend he invented an alternative version of a refrigerator that never took off, that's it… everything else is theory, all theory that can not be proven, you need to go back even further than newton I'm afraid, back to Kepler. This is an electric universe, we live on a magnet, gravity is a misdiagnosis of a small section of the magnetic attraction of this planet, the sun is a very powerful electromagnet, light is energy and vice versa, energy can not be created or destroyed only converted and or harvested in different forms. look to nikola tesla, his alternative to relativity, look to velikovsky. we are spinning our wheels with quantum theories and they are a distraction, go back to experimenting and applied science not rubbish theories.

  24. At 1:09:45 Dan Refers Earth As Their Planet Not Ours?

  25. If UFO's can do what has been reported then there is no way we could shoot one down.
    If they have traveled here from millions of miles and navigating through the pearls of space, Then why would one crash once it got here?
    If there that far ahead of us technology wise, there is no way we could reverse engineer there craft. It would be like taking a B52 stealth aircraft back a thousand years and asking them to reverse engineer it. It can't happen. Even if they knew how it worked, they did not have the technology to make the metals needed, much less the PC power needed.
    How could anyone keep them a secret when we have no control over them. If they want to be seen, they will let us see them. No government can stop that or cover it up.
    And why would they even have any interest in us?

  26. rem this was filmed in the mid 90's

  27. dan akyroid has been a paranormal investigator for decades rem ghostbusters

  28. 14 ad's on a documentary that's year old …

  29. There are no EBE's or ET's, despite what your media is force feeding you. There are however demonic entities which could resemble that which our government/media need us to beleive in. Why would they lie, though? Because freemason shadow government elite have Lucifer/Satan as their god and want to put us off their scent.

    "The people will believe whatever the media tell them they believe." George Orwell, freemason.
    "One believes what one is conditioned to believe." Aldous Huxley, freemason.

  30. A doctorate level??? He hasn't said anything I haven't heard from a bunch of other UFO stuff, I could've said all that! And Dr Greer, though I believe some of his witnesses, I think he exaggerates a lot and makes a lot up! And his CSETI training courses where they "Vector in ET", don't believe a word of it, not only do you get charged about r grand for it, you have to sign some legally binding bullshit that you won't talk about it!!! Disclosure my ass!!!!

  31. No one on earth. It’s a group of people in the next world. We do have spirits which is released after our body dies and we are “born” in another dimension or anti-matter world. There are cities and people there just like here but much more advanced. The government there takes orders from other beings unimaginably advanced. They can read our minds, give us dreams and even manipulate our thoughts if you are obliviant to the fact. You cannot talk straight there. You have to say things backwards. For example instead of saying there is no water in the glass you should say there is or say something other that –there is no-. These beings which I have heard are merchants from another place. They appear as monkeys. They instigate the wars that we have. The people that die in wars are valuable to them. I am not sure but I think they are taken as slaves or are consumed. I heard if somebody dies in a war “they meet the requirements for transport”. Our world is a binary world and death from the clash of two opposites like in a war would make them slaves. I will talk more about that later on. There are some spirits that are here on earth and monitor and manipulate things and send orders through a secret government. They have signs to let each other know what is or will be done. Places’ names have significance. Like the one I explain below. They can amazingly broadcast briefly or entirely on TV and be consistent with the subject matter and the story of the show. They also send secret messages to other observers at where the TV is. I know some of their signs. Numbers are also important.

    NOEFEL LE CHATEAU = NOW FALL SHAH TOO (WHERE YATOLLAH KHOMEINI STAYED IN SUBURB OF PARIS, FRANCE DURING THE IRANIAN REVELOUTION IN 1978). Of all the places in the world that could have been chosen this place describes the event unfolding. This is a signal to the earth observers and controllers in the next dimension what the goal is. Now we understand why a longtime ally was overthrown and the new government of Islamic Republic of Iran was quickly recognized. Iran quickly entered in an eight year war with Iraq which more than one million people on each side died in the war. Now we understand why Iraq was attacked. A country at peace at the time which killed terrorists. And all the other disturbance in the Islamic Countries. After war with Communism ended this was the new war and I believe it will continue for another 30 years. Using their equipment, they have the ability to read our thoughts, give us nightmares, check our thoughts and motives in sleep. None of these can be seen or detected by us.
    Our solar system and possibly our universe is in a binary system. That is something and it’s opposite. Such as day and night, hot and cold, etc. Just like the computer which operates based on (0,1) code. The unity of this duality is even stronger that it’s individual components. It is the language of our world. Also the clash of the individual opposite components is death. The people that fight in wars and die are born dead in the next dimension. They could be used or consumed or sold to other areas of the world in the next dimensions. I have heard that the war dead “ Meet Regulations for Transport”. As a matter of fact the UFOs running Earth could be merchants. With their knowledge of our world and with help from a certain group they have created many opposites or enemies. They have created various religions to put us at odds. The UFOs currently rule our world. Two political parties at odds. The reason for having a duality in the political system is probably to extend their arm onto earth within the binary system. Religion was created for this purpose as well.
    They have been around a long time. They are merchants. Using or selling humans. Possibly for hard labor in other areas of the universe in the next dimension.
    Humans do have a spirit. It cannot be seen or detected by us so far. Once we die and shed our body our spirit is released and we are “Born” in the next dimension. Our spirit probably has weight once entirely in the other dimension.

    If TOTALITY is a CONTAINED SYSTEM (such as Unity of Opposites), is TOTALITY SINGULAR?
    Does Totality have a defensive value or just the opposite?
    A unitary state is a state governed as a single power in which the central government is ultimately supreme and any administrative divisions (sub-national units) exercise only the powers that the central government chooses to delegate. The majority of states in the world have a unitary system of government. Of the 193 UN member states, 165 of them are governed as unitary states.
    Unitary states are contrasted with federal states (federations).

  32. The tether incident looks like it's underwater and your UFO's are sea creatures.

  33. I seen, 3 last month with a buddy. One as big as a air craft carrier in the early 80's, north just south of the Yukon. I figure they are Masterminding us to poison this planet. They need the GOLD. Maybe that's who took the Canadian Golden nickel. HA! [ no, it was the muslims! shh! ]. Too bad with all the cameras, and telescopes there's no clear pictures! I saw what I saw. Now, what are they plotting, or is it just the N.A.S.A., experimenting with levitation? Still scratching my head how they can hover then split going from 0 to 1,000 mph. in a split second. Holy Christ all Mighty >>>—>  that was fast!

  34. "Some other country even the middle east" LMFAO middle east is not a country

  35. The only unidentified objects here are the incoherent thoughts flying around in Dan Aykroyd's head.

  36. Great guy ,great interview ,hats of Mr Aykroyd,brilliant dissertation I wish more people like he do would speak about that phenomenon without fear of been criticized on social media,news,tv shows etc etc

  37. they were going into his lab tp shut him down or put fear into him. they have had anti gravity since the 50's. and has nothing to do with funding. and if it did its because all the money is going into black projects.

  38. i noticed that Dan Aykroyd never once mentioned that he has seen a 100 foot tall puff pastry guy. or alternate realities in his fridge. or demonic devil dogs prancing about on the roof of an apartment block.

  39. Absolutely love Dan Aykroyd! intelligent man.. i saw one fly only 25 ft above the ground as a child.

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