UFO Biblically Oriented || UFO Documentary Film Full VIdeo

UFO Biblically Oriented || UFO Documentary Film Full VIdeo.

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8 Comments on "UFO Biblically Oriented || UFO Documentary Film Full VIdeo"

  1. jesus was an extraterrestrial. The virgin mary… She got abducted and had jesus piece it together folks

  2. As a multi decade UFO field researcher and biblical scholar, this is complete nonsense. David Jacobs is a delusional sick old man. It's best for Christian researchers with no knowledge of the field to contact those that do like Dave Stinnett

  3. Is is possible Aliens are Fallen angles black eyes in a grays seem soulless to me

  4. I noticed they use the Whore of babylon as merry as well seems a difference as right below is the 4 owls witch is a Luciferian symbol

  5. This video seems very disjointed and lacking a clear path of discussion. The core of the discussion seems to break into two parts: the aliens and the angels. It seems you want me to believe these aliens are the angels, that the angels had spacecraft and now they lost their wings? I am confused… there is three different movies you've squished into this single attempt to establish yourself as a credible, reliable, educated person who does field research.

    That being said, I think the alien film is the strongest, and I think you hit a few salient points. If you cut out all the weird bible prophesy you've strewn through the film, you seem to have suggested that the aliens have a three to ten generation agenda to make themselves part of this earth, and that their goal is nearly accomplished. You discussesed the DNA in a tiny roll– not enough.

    I need several more questions asked and answered. 1) have you gained samples of these "hybrid" creatures DNA and how does it compare to ours. 2) have you documented the current variety of DNA for humans living on this earth. 3) Have you detected genetic differences in any of the abductees? 4) Have you made inquiry as to if any of them had an abortion? 5) Did you determine if any of the males abducted had a partner who had an abortion? 6) Did your hypnosis session screen out any medical procedures conducted by Terran doctors here on Earth in our hospitals? 7) Have you conclusively evidenced multi-generational kidnappings?

    Your field research seems sloppy and far from complete. I respect for any adult to lose face in admitting they've been kidnapped is difficult. I imagine the same difficulty for collection of data re: rape victims and the same for head injury victims, yet we demand improvements in condition of life and health care.

    Speaking more over, how many of the abductees have undergone regular physician care in addition to their psychiatric care? The back of a college exam seems rather suspect. How many hospitals have reports re: abduction? and how many cases per annum? Please be much more clear in your pursuit of subject, it's content and outcome. This is very sloppy work.

  6. Beware of misinformation.
    God made Earth & Humanity.
    God also made "the heavens & THEIR HOSTS".
    These "Hosts" are not flesh and blood beings like us. (Jesus made us from the very Earth.) These beings are spiritual in a holy dimension called Heaven. Our dimension is a fallen dimension because of sin. However, the evil angels,restricted to earth, are the ones assuming UFO shapes, Frightening Grey Alien,reptile,insect shapes, even "Blond Aryan Pleadians", setting us up for deception against God.

  7. This is a very interesting video. I am starting to believe there is some connection to the Bible and UFO's and Angels.

  8. Very interesting, thank you.

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