UFO Documentary on Annunaki Theory Were We Genetically Engineered || Best UFO Sighting Documentary

UFO Documentary on Annunaki Theory Were We Genetically Engineered || Best UFO Sighting Documentary.

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5 Comments on "UFO Documentary on Annunaki Theory Were We Genetically Engineered || Best UFO Sighting Documentary"

  1. that face on mars was destroyed by the american government they don't want us to know our true origin through fear they will lose their evil grip on humanity

  2. Many Extraterrestial races have facilitated in the evolution of the
    human race. They`ve prevented nuclear wars and helped our race in ways
    we cannot fully comprehend. They`re more involved in our daily lifes
    than we give them credit for. I`m personally very grateful for their
    involvement on Earth and I embrace them with much love. Cleary there are
    aspects within their races that is very compassionate in nature.

    Friendly ET`s are sharing messages with us through a process called
    channeling. Feel free to follow Ivan Teller , *HucoloTV – Human
    Colony* and TheOfficialETWhisperer on youtube to learn more.

    Have a good day!

  3. God created the Big Bang. God created Male and Female of every being. Adam means Red Man. The original man on the Earth was an American Native. There have been 4 destructions of Earth as a result of Intergalactic Wars. The last War was between the creators of Human and Woman from Human's ribs. The creator of Human aspired to become as God, (Lord God). The Galactic Federation was totally against cloning of any nature. So the complete destruction of Human and Woman was ordered. The Lord God was not complying and hid his illegal creation from destruction. During the Destruction of Human and Woman, God's creation Male and Female was salvaged by moving them into deep underground camps, some were taken up into heaven. When the Earth returned to normal it was discovered that the Lord God and his followers,  again  had managed to salvage their creation. The Intergalactic Federation again admonished the Lord God and again reiterated that that the illegally cloned creation had to be destroyed because God Almighty had not created Human and Woman. The Intergalactic Federation promised that 4hey would be returning to ensure compliance. Respectfully

  4. because i am an Atlantian I can tell you it wasn't aliens that was the superior race but ourselves that were at one time superior… most of us are smart enough to live under ground away from the threats of space weather and oceans. We tell our children about the outside world as bed time stories. kisses. Sorry for our pale skin.

  5. Humans are created by Godfather –  not by Anunnnaki.

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