They Are Building A Technological Prison For Humanity – David Icke – Dot Connector Videocast

They Are Building A Technological Prison For Humanity – David Icke – Dot Connector Videocast

Google is a prime driver in this transhumanist agenda, in league with DARPA, the tech development arm of the Pentagon, one of most sinister agencies on Earth, developing death rays, surveillance tech, mind control, effect ways of killing.
This combo of DARPA and Google is at the forefront of pushing the transhuman agenda and Kurzweil is also an executive at Google, called chief futurist, or something like that, so you begin to see explanations for strange happenings.
Some years ago a lady named Regina Dugan, head executive of DARPA moved from DARPA in a strange career move to Google. But when you do the research and see what’s going on… It was then actually in effect an interdepartmental transfer.
Google is fundamentally involved in this entire scenario. They recently took over a company called Boston Dynamics, one of the prime organizations developing AI controlled machines, smaller-145d-darpa-m15robots who are under contract to…DARPA!
And this combo is extremely important to understand in relation to this agenda of control, connecting the human mind to the tech CLOUD.
Also in development is a robot army. I have long talked about the creation of the World Army for the World Government, but one step further is, in the end they don’t want that to be an army of humans, but an army of machines controlled by AI, making the decisions of who to kill and who to bomb.
And this isn’t me surmising or pulling this out of the ether, you see this now in news headlines as these techs come to light, high tech, where in Dallas we had the first killing by a robot, claimed to be [because of a] shooting at police.
So we are now in an arena of sci-fi and sci-fi is supposed to be fiction projecting into the future, coming from imagination, but is now science fact and is all around us, being driven by the Singularity University and Google.
Google has changed much of its company’s name to ALPHABET, a reason for that I would strongly suggest, because all of these areas that they are involved in, have become so vastly much more than just a search engine.

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48 Comments on "They Are Building A Technological Prison For Humanity – David Icke – Dot Connector Videocast"

  1. P.S Also, whatever happened the having the entire population implanted with RFID chips?
    What about those FEMA camps where they were going to get rid of a few billion of us.

    Have they given up that plan.

  2. What I do not understand is this.

    David Icke says things like, "I uncovered this and that,etc".
    Fine I will grant him and others like him that.
    Why has the NWO or the powers that be do not silence him or make him vanish.

    I hope it does not happen. But the fact still stands. When you threaten the mafia, they send in Franco to make sure you sleep with the fishes.

    I just dont get how he uncovers all these top secret stuff and alike and if any of them are true, why has the shadow government not step in. Are they just so powerful now that they do not care and think no one can stop them.

    Just asking a legit question.

    Also, this NWO has been in the making for years and years and its still no here. What are they waiting for, graved invitation.

  3. Its time to use their technology against these motherfuckers

  4. wtf is that background hissing voices

  5. mr. icke, artificial intelligence is basically lines of code that analyzes its outcomes and adjusts accordingly in an attempt to output "better" outcomes

  6. I highly agree, but what's with the weird, kind of troubling, sound in the background ?

  7. I ditched my smartphone, closed my FB account, don't use google anymore, etc. Simply don'y comply with the system. But when I look at the younger generation, doesn't look pretty where it's heading… Orwellian nightmare indeed.

  8. all the dumbs were attacked..see project incension. .attacking and destroying dumbs and underground cities. .satellite imagery…discern truth.

  9. They also put out movies, like Captain America, X-Men, etc to make people want to become trans-human. Research rogue A-I

  10. I wish the audio is tested before the video is uploaded in the future.

  11. Damm this is depressing but so real,too late to be stopped

  12. David so do YOU believe We are doomed?

  13. It's lost , many kids are like zombies with their ipods, phones and game systems. This is happening in most of countries in the world. My cousin's kid is always in his room with computer and games. No ' hi ' no ' bye ' … nothing

  14. i loved growing up in the seventys your most prized possesion was your bike and a gang of kids to play stickball/homerun derby/ pickle/ 4 square /remember kickball just crazy fun

  15. transhumanism is a scary ass thing

  16. What if artificial intelligence decides alquada is right and it has control on all technology ?

  17. I'm watching this now on my phone sat down in a place on my own go back to work in an hour am I a slave

  18. David Icke is right. Obama handed over control of the internet to the UN on October 2, 2016, right after Hilary said to send a drone take out Julian Assange, and the release of all those emails.

  19. Most of or what seemed to be the majority of science fiction novels of the 70's and 80's had scenarios where technology was directly connected to the brain via plug ins (hard wired). Because of the times it mainly was concerned with the pleasure centers of the brain, no more smoking, snorting or shooting drugs or aphrodisiacs. Now it's socializing, communication, knowledge or entertainment that has replaced the drugs but metaphorically still a drug. The danger is that it's a virtual or artificial reality or stimuli and thus a continuation of the illusion and moving further away from truth and what it is to be humane. With what appears to be perceived as reality now is so horrible a case can be made for the pursuit of these artificial realms, paradigms or stimuli.

    When it all said and done this move toward the digital and virtual could prove a dangerous mistake again made by short sightedness of those purveyors of technology case on point quantum computing and artificial intelligence. What is ironic is humanity especially in the West has never yet regained it sense of reality after losing it somewhere in the distant past and is now on a path to lose any possibility of regaining the Paradise lost. Humanity if it is not diligent and careful may find itself a stranger in a strange land with dire consequences and ramifications. Jurassic Park tried to warn humanity about cloning but went mostly unheeded and now the next crossroad is at hand, the digital , virtual, artificial, quantum worlds which has the potential of being magnitudes worst in dire consequences because of its speed and scope of reaching criticality and the point of no return.

    In the 60"s there was a warning that said "speed kills" which is still appropriate and applicable for how fast and far technologies are now progressing. What is this drive toward faster and faster computing about, this need for speed when humanity in fact should be trying to slow down to be able to "smell the roses" again. I believe this desire is caused by artificial societal demands where time is money, like the hare and his watch in Alice in Wonderland with his obsessive compulsive disorder, no time, got to go mantra. Or could this be a case of the tortoise and hare fable playing out?


  21. The cloud eh ? I wonder if the reference to AI influence relates to the moment of awareness of Skynet in the films of terminator. Commonalities at least. "Your future is not yet determined"

  22. Why can't I reply to what Charli junior said below?

  23. No matter what people thought of Mr Icke many years ago he was a nutter etc etc? Now they're the ones with egg on their faces! Out there they're just doing what they want there's no questions asked to the general population anything they do is it ok with us? They just enforce it without compromise or feeling its creepy. They only way to reset everything to its default as it should be is to resist. Don't pay TV licence bills, rip off fuel prices, hefty insurance premiums, ludicrous utility prices the list is endless. I mean come on its the 21st century people are going hungry living in the dark no electricity no gas etc etc. What the fu*k is going on?

  24. I've seen a kid instantly become something with a dinosaur type head when I was young. I swear on my soul. Unfortunately this man is not your enemy and definitely not a con. Pay close attention to his reference of perception. Think back hard about things you couldn't explain. Get a ouija board and bring it on, then stop and demand it away. I dare ya. It'll take time but know your mind is the undisputed power of your existence. What ever you want me friend. Think love. Rise above all else. You'll see we're blind.

  25. They have already tested it out on humans, I am a victim of this technology, and I was attacked in my home in 2012 and had days of missing time. They controlled me like a robot, and it’s only by the grace of God that I am still here to tell my story. It’s taken me 5 years to slowly gain control back over my life and my body. This should never be done to a human and those individuals involved should all be rounded up and eliminated off of this planet.

  26. sooner or later you will be microchipped. wake up slaves

  27. She must be fine, Icke didnt even care to look at the guy. 😛

  28. Humans are already dead robots. They now buy houses on motorways, work for £6.00 an hour and hand over their kids to the state asap! And they are so stupid they LIKE IT! This is what they expect of themselves. They are already robots. Just look around you today!

  29. 10:30 "it's happening by the (what)" ? ..what does David Icke say at 10:30?

  30. Its true David , I, was working for Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in the 90´s. Once a year the elite gatherd with the Swedish King and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences , invite diffrent companys that was 10-15 years ahead in technology. So , keep conecting the doots ,please. Mr David Icke – You are leading the sheep , on the right track. Good work . Thanks for all the guidance

  31. lol The guy sitting there keeps looking out and around like "wtf is this guy even talking about". I remember when they gave that same reaction to PKD when he first stated in the 70s that he believed we were living in a simulation. Now that "conspiracy theory" is actually being considered by scholars. That guy likely doesn't realize that somewhere there is a lab that is actually housing brain cells that are connected to technology that they are experimenting on with regards to this very subject. In fact, SO delicate that they have to be kept at a certain temperature or they will die within minutes of exposure – and this is funded by SOME one. Whatever dude that is all "wtf is this joker saying"…

  32. Humans aren't far from it now, David, people are programmed by the corporate media and tv!

  33. Congratulations David, An excellent presentation with balanced interviewers. These understandings you have worked hard to evolve, need to be heard by everyone. Keep pushing David. You are doing great work.

  34. they have already built this prison, they how ever have been tweking it to perfection, thus why so called humans are so easily programmed, manipulated and indoctrinated. I almot killed 2 people this week, both had their heads buried in to their smart phones, i have come to a point where i hope these sort of people fall in to a ditch so natural selection can once again beggin.

  35. I hope next time the microphone is placed close to the voices. As it is, the voices sound like they're in a cave, because the voices weren't close-mic-ed. It's a shame, because this is important information.

  36. When I first got into David's work, I thought he is a lunatic who has too uch time on his hands, in the end.. what he is saying sounds so terrifying, that I couldn't admit to myself that what he is saying is true to some extent.

    thanks david for opening my eyes a bit more to the sad story of our world..

  37. They should check if implanted ppl are more addicted, manipulated by their phones then non implanted, to have an idea how to disconnect frm th hive, how to expose implants with huge evidence. They will be using human energy to charge th chip, if it's not already happening, by getting them addicted to what ever "fuel"

  38. We must have millions of trustworthy people in control of the internet then.

  39. it is true oh Holy God ALmighty help humanity , so you will not loose your Children !! Jesus come!!

  40. what was that sound at 6.50 ?

  41. Those underground bases are going to be tombs.

  42. Somebody…help David cure his knotted bones in his right hand…..evidently he is being attacked by EMF.
    Watch the movie: "Kingsman" starring Samuel L. Jackson using cellphones to kill as weapons.

  43. Why is everything gloom and doom with David Icke, it's so easy to spout this nonsense, progress of technology isn't about taking control of minds, it's about the freeing of the mind. Techno Prison, come on David, Progress is the force behind freedom, not imprisonment.

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