David Icke ‘Prophecy’ – What He Said The Day Trump Was Elected, Tuesday, 8 November 2016

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David Icke Talks About Donald Trump On The Day He Was Elected.

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49 Comments on "David Icke ‘Prophecy’ – What He Said The Day Trump Was Elected, Tuesday, 8 November 2016"

  1. this sound about right ,I've heared some of her statement. it sounded like she was afraid , for her life .she new she was protected from within ?. if some one killed my mom and I knew , then there would be hell to pay. this satanic garbage is all in on it . this is my opinion.

  2. David, You were wrong in your statement the majority of American voters voted for Donald Trump. Hillary won the popular vote by over 2 million people but Donald won the electoral college vote which determines the Presidency. The fact is more Americans voted for Hillary than Donald. I would prefer a war with Russia under a Hilary presidency than being control by Putin under the current bullshit presidency of Donald Trump.

  3. turns out this guy is dead wrong.

  4. I voted for the Disaster. I think I made this very comparison during pre-election political discussions. I was never Gun Ho on Trump but thinking of her as President sent shivers up my spine. That's how it is now. You don't vote for a candidate, you vote against one.

  5. David Icke, reviled and hysterically laughed in UK at for his pathetic views and insanity. No-one pays any attention to his ridiculous rants, he needs serious help for his mental illness

  6. Trump is part of the same scheme and his "difference" in comparison with his predecessors serves only to deceive and delude people.

  7. icke believes this was a fair election? trump is an actor!

  8. Donald Trump just nominated one of the architects of George W. Bush’s torture program to a top job in his Administration. We can’t let that happen. 

    You may not have heard the name Steven Bradbury for quite some time, but during the Bush years, Bradbury provided bogus legal cover for a number of illegal torture techniques [1], including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, slapping, and forcing detainees to wear diapers. [2] Without Bradbury’s ok, some of the worst abuses of the Bush Administration may never have happened. 

    Now, just as news is breaking about a possible American role in a brutal torture program uncovered in Yemen [3], President Trump wants to bring back Bradbury to serve as his General Council at the Transportation Department. The fact is, the people behind Bush's torture program – people like Steven Bradbury – were never held accountable, and that is exactly why we continue to read about alleged American involvement in even more brutal torture. It’s time to take a stand and make it clear – rewarding those behind Bush’s torture program is unacceptable.

  9. call trump a Zionist insider, yet the establishment and elites are escalating calls of assasination.

    his policy is ringing true to the american people. hes bringing back American Identity! hes fighting PC. he could have stayed in the climate agreement. he didnt need to bring jobs back. he didnt need to smash up the media. he didnt need to arrest 4000 pedofiles and uncovering the ring (obama did 400 a year).

    hes obviously changing things. hes a good hitler that is demanding American Identity

    As the intensity against him grows you must say its because hes gaining victories

  10. wasn't a majority – it was the electoral college – get ur facts straight

  11. It's awful to know that the lie of trump being different was basically successful. The powers that be and those that control their (and our) reality, will do anything or try any angle to play open the human heart, anything to trick us into submission. It would appear that no president does what he says he will do while campaigning and it appears no president has ever met all of their promises. The lies are becoming ever more obvious. Bush, Obama and Trump all said they'd change things and condemned those who came before them, and then proceeded to do the exact opposite once in office. As David says, we are all infinite consciousness; therefore, we can all tap into the wonderful insight Daivd often shows. Continue to connect the dots to see a bigger picture and, as David says, "little me" becomes infinite and can easily see the picture of what is truly going on more clearly.

  12. Very good. Wise. And so true.

  13. Completely agree David!! I'm wide awake and I've definitely had enough of these reptilian Luciferian worshipping elites, destroying our lives, our earth, our children, animals, etc etc! Time to fight back by demanding our civil liberties!

  14. How many of the paranoid human lizards conspiracy theorists idiots commenting on here are going to support the dictatorship of the proletariat in the U.S.? The only thing that can replace the political status quo led by a conscience working class party?

  15. Monetization needs to become extinct! Politics needs to become extinct! Religion needs to become extinct! Corporations needs to become extinct!

  16. Why does everyone keep saying Hillary is such a bad sell? She only got about 70,000 less votes than Obama. And of course Fake News keeps saying that Trump had a terrible voter turnout, yet he got about 2 million more votes than Mitt Romney. In fact, this election had the greatest raw votes cast in the history of the United States.
    Proof: https://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2016/12/29/2016-vs-2012-how-trumps-win-and-clintons-votes-stack-up-to-obama-and-romney/#7ab1b5681661
    Conclusion: The media will lie about absolutely anything to fool you and have absolutely no repercussions because the American people are asleep.

  17. voting secret ballot was originally "designed" to allow people to vote without others intimidating them. Now, electronically, with clever software designers, how do we really know votes are honest and untampered with. Remember the Emperor and his clothes (invisible…so he was naked). The governments have shadow governments. Those visible may change when we vote, but even if different parties are voted in those in that secretive, deceptive invisible shadow government remains the same.

  18. I thought exactly the same thing. A Trick and putting the masses back to sleep also. I saw through all of this. I believe Alex Jones knows he's full of it and boosts him up to get the Masses Rallied up. But People don't understand It's all a nation of the Same voting no matter what " Party " is a nation of Laws. So many don't understand this. He was not an Insider he was always at the Dinner Gala's and hanging around apprenticing Politics. It's why he showed up on the Scene with Obama he's always supported Hillary for years. He's not an Outsider. He continuously throws up Orion signs of low Masonic 6's. And people think he's some kind of Messiah.

  19. I think Trump needed to get in. Hillary I believe would've been worse, but regardless there's a bigger picture to look at, the process of change requires a bit of chaos and in many years time we'll possibly look back and realize that if he hadn't been elected, certain events wouldn't have occurred, events that are to all our benefit. He's certainly got people talking and that's not a bad thing, the amount of people who repeat a narrative is astonishing and confronting them with their own vitriol can be a major wake up call to how ugly they can be, like holding up a mirror. I've started seeing people from different sides, who would never talk to each other, opening up a dialogue.
    Getting people to think for themselves is a positive and I try to hold onto my optimism.

  20. I always knew that a lot of what David says is true, but I had some doubts about the shape shifting. I do know that reptilians exist, from the Sumerian records, and that previous lives can show up in our auras, so I wondered if people could be catching a glance of a strong aura of a person's previous life. And groups of people who are close or have a lot in common, tend to reincarnate together.
    But I witnessed a strange event on live TV news, near the end of May, 2017. A popular senator from Arizona, talking on a close up, and as he spoke his pupils of both eyes turned into long slits, up and down, just like a cat or a reptile. He seemed to be getting angry, and probably beginning to lie when the eye slits appeared. They were quite clear and I am a little surprised I didn't hear anyone else talking about it.

  21. Is that some superfluous, corporate-enriching logo on your coat Mr Icke???

  22. in the future a possible solution to voting and you do not agree with any of ower piss pore choices is to right none of the above across your ballot card this is still a valid vote and civil disobedience and none compliance with unjust laws but these things only make a difference if all or the majority take part we all as apparently free people need to grow a pair thay want us divided and distracted

  23. Icke is such an amazing, insightful human being.

  24. Is anybody seeing what I'm seeing? The powers that be are so wrapped up in the minutiae bullshit right now they don't have time to notice what's really going on. Who said Trump wasn't going to deliver? Better take advantage: the window won't stay open for long.

  25. he said the majority chose trump…tht is false

  26. David! One step at a time.
    Give the rider a chance

  27. the majority actually went to clinton…..

  28. Yes, it is the next stage, but it won't be good because the many are now uneducated and immoral. The result will be chaos.

  29. Trump inherited a disaster…the blame for hs failure lays at the feet of the last few presidents/misleaders before him because they pounded the country into the dirt.

  30. Mate, you're a bloody tosser, get fucked, David.

  31. President Trump is American; he is doing a great job. Americans love the President.

  32. they let trump win and made all of us including trump believe that he was out side the establishment. now that he has been in office he has a bunch of people conditioning him straight into the establishment. its crazy you can see it clear as day!!

  33. It doesn't matter who you vote for the government still gets in!

  34. I am so happy to have Trump, I don't think I will be sorry!

  35. Interesting that David did not do a hatchet job on Trump; he views him as a disaster, but in a more naive way than Clinton – who was by far, the worse of two awful options.


  37. "Just another clone of the political establishment!!…..BOOM!!

  38. Time for your medication, David. The aliens are coming back.

  39. Bravo! Thank you David, for so eloquently putting in words what my intuitiveness has been wanting to express!

  40. Robert L Heflin III-TRUMP is the Manchurian candidate-Cinton is a lying bitch, lesser of the two evils

  41. the Invisible Hand knows the people have had enough that's why they fund terrorism and start wars to take your mind off things

  42. setting your self to be able to reject the dictates of the 1% is very important as Israel does it .

  43. Not an easy way , but the only way!

  44. this is so fucking embarrassing these talks about the war against Russia, cause I don't know what to do – should spend all the money on the whores or should keep saving for my retirement?

  45. Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again!!!


  47. Prophecy? Where? I didn't hear anything prophetic. I heard observation, not prophecy.

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